As of 29 March 2021 New VIC Legislation requires properties to adhere to a set of Minimum Rental Standards.

OurProperty help to store this information for each property. The checklist can be found in the Inspections which update the Property record. These details then merge to the inspection reports and lease details.

Note: You can set which inspection types Must have a completed Minimum Rental Standards - Click Here to learn more.

If you need to learn more about how to enter the details for the Information Disclosure - Click Here

The Property Record can be updated via the Client Hub.

  1. Open a Property Record in the Client Hub

  2. Click on the link 'Min Rental Standards' - This opens a popup where you can enter details or edit existing.

3. If the checklist has not been completed previously, click on 'Add/Edit'

From here you can complete this checklist and enter any additional Comments/Details as needed.

4. Click Save once done.

These details on the property record will merge in to the relevant sections of reports and leases for Victorian properties.

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