A PropertyMe agency needs to mark the Tradie Invoices as paid in OurProperty when paid from Trust.

The PMs who are added under the list 'Accounts Person' field, located under 'Agency > Settings > Preferences', can access the 'Mark as Paid' button to update the Tradies invoices from a status of 'Invoice Approved' to 'Paid'.

The Settings > Preference page can only be accessed and updated via the Office Manager OurProperty account.

The user/s that have been added as the Accounts Person/s will have access to the check boxes that appear in the left hand side column of Invoices. Allowing them to tag and mark invoices as Paid.

In addition, the Accounts Person can also mark an invoice as Paid within the Job Details screen.

Once the invoice is marked as paid the job status will update from 'Invoice Approved' to 'Paid' for the Agency, Landlord and Tradie.

When the job status changes to Paid, the Tradies credit card will automatically be debited during the first week of the following month the Invoice was marked as paid. Once funds have been received by OurProperty any fees over and above the standard 2% capped @ $20.00 will be distributed to the agency.

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