The Reminder Calendar in OurProperty is a brilliant tool, not only so you never forget to follow up a task, but it can be used for office management of phone messages, key collections, and any other property-related notes that you'd like recorded on the property file as being followed up.

PM’s can regularly use OurProperty Reminders in place of Outlook calendars and reminders, especially for things like Bond Inspection follow-ups, Routine Inspections, Pool Checks, Gutter Cleans, and many other recurring items associated with a property, tenant, or landlord to keep them all in one place.

Each user profile needs to initially set up their reminder settings by going into their Profile, and opening “Email & SMS Preferences”

Select which notifications you would like to get email or SMS reminders for (SMS is charged), and make sure you save your preferences.

To create a reminder, hit the calendar icon on the top RHS of the OurProperty Dashboard.

Create a new reminder

Enter the details, then you can select who you’d like the reminder to stick to. Search by Property address and all tenant and landlord details will populate, but you can use the ‘X’ button to remove contacts to suit.

When a reminder comes due, you can add date-stamped action & comment on the bottom RHS.

You can also edit the due date or recurrence to remind you again.

Once you have actioned the reminder and want to mark it as done, use the drop-down Action box, select 'Completed', and the reminder will be archived. We store all Completed reminders so that you can always refer back to them in the future.

To search for a reminder that isn't yet due, open the List View, click on the "Open Search" and search via any of the available methods.

For phone messages between team members, Reception can use the calendar to allocate a phone task to a particular PM to follow up by typing in the message, allocating the client (owner or tenant) and property, then add it into the relevant person's calendar.

It will then appear in their reminders list, where they can add notes and complete once done.

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