Reminder: To access the your Applications > Dashboard > Left Hand Main Menu > Communications > Application List

For the Property Manager:

1. Click on the Action dropdown for the application you wish to transfer and select 'Transfer'

2. Select the target property address to transfer the application to and click 'Confirm Transfer'

3. Confirm again in the next confirmation popup and a success message will appear

Transfer status is displayed with a green Success message on the screen.

For the Applicant:

1. The applicants are sent a notification of Transfer. Please Note: The transfer is not completed until one of the applicants have confirmed the transfer.

2. They are required to Select 'Confirm Transfer' from the email. The Applicant may need to login again to their Tenant account to do this. The Applicant must select Acceptance of property and Agree to Terms and Condition to Confirm & Submit

3. The Applicant can update the commencement date and their rent offer for the new property if required.

4. On transfer confirmation the applicants will be sent an email notification advising them that the transfer has been completed, along with the name of the applicant that has confirmed the transfer.

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