Reminder, to locate the Client Hub from the Dashboard - Home/ OP Logo > Client Hub.

In the Client Hub, as well as cards for the Landlord, Property and Tenants in your data base, we also have a section for creditors. Use the outward facing arrow > to slide the screen across and reveal the Creditor Contact Card, shown below.

The card is set up with a similar design to the tenants and landlords, with Short Cut icons across the top of the column and information in two smaller columns. The Short Cuts provides quick access to a tradies job screens, their Ledger and features such as the document manager and Action icons.

The Creditor Ledger Shortcut is highlighted below.

Clicking this will open a new tab.

You can Download the Ledger using the Download Icon at the top of the page.

Clicking the edit icon will display the free text areas for you to add or remove information. The tradies payment method can be selected here as well as their payment information.

You are also able to add a CC email and an Invoice CC email so that all relevant people in the company are kept up to date.

When you have made all your changes, remember to click the Save Icon

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