When choosing direct debit, tenants are required to sign an Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR) after they enter their account details. This is a consent form that allows us to debit their account and without this they may lapse into arrears.

To check whether an EDDR form is unsigned or signed, go to the tenants contact card in the Client Hub > Tenant Contact card > Payment Method, If Direct Debit is selected there will be a small piece of text which will show signed or unsigned.

If already completed, clicking this will open the current copy you have:

The date highlighted on the EDDR form isn the date and time the tenant completed the form.

You can see from the example above what signed and Unsigned look like.

If unsigned, clicking the hyperlink will reveal a pop up window for you to manually upload an EDDR form, a pop up window will display over your screen.

Simply fill in any account details shown on the pre signed form you have, and then upload a scanned version into OurProperty. Click Submit to finalise this.

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