Reminder: to access the Client Hub click the OurProperty Logo in the top left of your screen and select Client Hub from the drop down menu.

The process of marking a property as Lost or Losing;

Use the search bar to type the address and select when you see the matching suggestion appear from the list of properties.

In the Shortcuts located at the top of the Property Column > click the Pink tile for the action icon menu > select Lost/Losing from this menu.

The following pop up will then appear for your information to be entered.

Enhancement as of January 2021: we now require a management expiry date and loss reason when making a property inactive.We will not allow your input to be saved without this.

When a reason, Management expiry date at minimum has been entered you can click confirm loss.


We will check once more than you want to mark this property as lost and once you select Ok, a management expiry will push through to Client Hub automatically.

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