To input new property fees in Our Property, there are two steps. Initially, we need to set up the Fee Type in the Agency Settings, then the second step is adding those into the Client Hub against the property.

To input new property fees, from the Office Manager Account on the LHS menu, choose Admin > Agency Fees

Select Add New Agency Fee, bearing in mind this is the Type of fee, not the amount.

Description field: What the Fee is for

Linked MAA Field: Where on your Managing Authority this fee falls, IE Tribunal Cost, Let Fee, Renewal, etc. This section will add your specific Fee Type onto your Digital MAA via OurProperty.

GST: If the Fee includes, excludes, or is exempt from GST

Trigger: This is a required field & let’s OurProperty know when are want to charge this fee. If this type of fee doesn’t have a trigger (IE on New Lease or Monthly Rent), use the ‘When Required’ tag.

Template Text: If you would like to send a templated message when the fee is charged.

Status: If you want this fee type to be visible to your staff & available to be used, you will need to Publish the fee. If Unpublished, it will stay in the Agency Fee settings but not be available to charge via the Client Hub.

Once your fees are all input into the Agency Fees, you will then find them available to input into each Property File in Client Hub.

Open your Property file, and click on Property Fees & Landlord Disbursement

From there, you can ‘Add New Fees’ and select which fee to input.

The ‘Units’ drop down will specify if you are referring to Dollars, Percentages, or Weeks’ Rent.

The $0 Dollar Fee section is a list of all fees that you specifically do NOT charge. This is so you have an option to charge these in the future or document any particular owners or properties that are excluded from bulk fees, like EOFY or Statement Fees.

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