Tenant Application Guide

This guide will step you through exactly what we ask our tenants to complete and provide to us when they apply for a property using OurProperty’s Tenant Acquisition component.

Once the Agency has advertised a property online and generated an application link, tenants will be directed to the specific property link in order to submit an application. The first thing they see when they open the link will be the Application Terms & Conditions that the Agency has put in place. They are asked to Agree to these conditions BEFORE proceeding with their application.

Application Details

This is the core information on the application. The only thing that tenants cannot change on this form is the Bond amount, which is dictated by your Agency settings and changes when the rent amount is altered.

If the Tenant states that the property is going to be used for Business, we ask them to elaborate.

Importantly – all occupants that intend to be on the lease need to be added at this stage. Each applicant with their own unique email address will be sent a link to complete their own application. However, anyone over the age of 18, who does NOT have an email address, will need an application completed on their behalf at this stage. When a tenant chooses to add an occupant, they are shown the below message to confirm.

We cannot add tenants to an existing application if they are not linked at this stage. We remind them of that when they hit next.

The Name page goes through the applicant’s personal details, including their Emergency Contact, who cannot reside at the same address. It will not let the applicant proceed without an address and at least one contact number.


We require 100 points of ID from each applicant. The system won’t allow the applicant to proceed until there are uploads equalling 100 points, though it does still rely on the PM to check these to ensure they are genuine & compliant.


A page full of Yes/No answers. If the applicant answers YES to any of the questions, in most instances another text box is opened for further information i.e. Registration if they have a car, an explanation of eviction, or how much & why their bond wasn’t returned. If an applicant answers yes, they are required to answer the following questions before they can proceed.


Fall under the Details page too. A Yes/No toggle opens more details about the pet/s and requires the applicant to answer more questions pertaining to that animal & must include a photo of the pet (so we know it’s the same pet throughout the tenancy!). We also have the Agency Pet Conditions loaded on this page, which the applicant needs to agree to before proceeding with their application.


We require the applicants' previous two residential addresses, or a third if they have been in both addresses for less than two (2) years.

If renting, we require the previous agency details including PM, contact number & email address.

If they own the home, we will request a copy of the latest rates notice to confirm ownership, as well as what the applicant has done with that property, as there could be an opportunity to sell or manage.

Important to note that the system will allow the applicant to continue without uploading either a rates notice or rent ledger, so it is important for the PM to follow up on that if required.

If they have been living with family/friends or moving out for the first time, we ask for the details of if/who they paid board to, if any.


Has a drop-down menu where the applicant can choose numerous types of income including jobs (up to three), self-employed, Centrelink, or Unemployed. With each option, a different choice of questions will appear relevant to the source selected. They can select as many combinations of income as they need to. Applicants can add extra income streams by selecting another option from the drop-down menu. Examples below.





Depending on what their combined income amounts are from the sources provided, OurProperty will flag to the PM whether the applicant can afford the rent in the PM portal.


We ask for three (3) personal references including phone number, email, and relationship to the applicant.

Privacy Act Acknowledgement

Before the Applicant can proceed with submitting their application, we require them to read, accept, and sign the Agency privacy policy which allows OurProperty to automate the reference checking for each application. They need to actually input a signature at this stage, which we record and timestamp.


The final page of the application process requires the Applicant to review their application details, date, rent, bond amount, and accept the property under the agency conditions. They are required to declare how they have inspected or viewed the property and agree to the terms and conditions set out in the application document.

Once submitted, we have a pop-up message to confirm their application has been received, and that someone will be in contact with them.

It will then appear in our Application List for shortlisting, processing, or declining.

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