Ideal Work Flow for the MAA component,

For in depth instructions on each step please review "How to Create and Send an MAA" Guide.

Enter the details into the MAA screen by selecting to add a new property and filling in at minimum the information marked with a red asterisk.

Even prior to being signed by the landlord, this will create a Landlord and Property Card in the client Hub.

Send the MAA to the landlord to review. They have opportunity to add further details and the system will electronically highlight where we need their signatures. The MAA will sit in the Unsigned MAA tab after the PM creates it, but before the landlord signs it.

Ideally the Landlord will complete and sign, this will then send back to the agency.

Your agency will be alerted of the completion of the MAA. The MAA moves to the completed tab at this time and any additional info added by the landlord moves to the previously created contact cards in Client Hub.

After the MAA is returned, it is ideal for the PM to review all the details and ensure they update any data the landlord may not have included, it is important to ensure the Landlord has correctly put their bank account details in if your agency is using the Payment Platform.

**If this is a take over management of a current rented property you will now need to create the existing lease in the lease component, watch our video on creating current leases in our Help Centre.**

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