When you encounter a property that is sold or transferred to a new landlord you will need to create a new management for the change of ownership.

The first thing you will need to do is ensure you put a management expiry date in for the property under the property card in Client Hub for the "previous" management.

To add the management expiry date, simply select the edit icon against the property card.

Next you will need to create the new owner under MAA's by clicking the 'New Owner' button. It is important that you do not select 'New Property' in this step. To find out more about how to fill in the MAA details, please use our resource centre to access our articles on Management Agreements.

If you ned to put any funds on hold, please ensure you do this as soon as possible.

Please note: The management expiry date and the new management start date can not be the same day. The new owner will also not show until the management start date provided the agreement has been executed.

At this stage OP will not automatically generate and send an EOM statement to the previous owner, you will need to let you State Manager know so that this can be arranged for you.

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