If you fall into arrears we understand you may not be able to pay the over due amount in full, to combat this we have created the ability to amend the amount of rent you pay via the Our Tenant Platform so you can contribute to your arrears, thus reduce the amount due at your next payment date.

  1. Log via tenant.ourproperty.com.au using the email and password provided by your Property Manager.

  2. You will arrive at the dashboard and see a photo of your property on the main screen.

  3. On the right hand side of the screen are the headings; - Rent I Lease I Help I Open Homes.

  4. Select the heading "Rent". This is going to direct you to another page.

3. Once located in the Rent screen, you will see your property address details and the amount you pay each week/fortnight etc. If you are in arrears, there will be an amount of rent owing, highlighted in red.

4. Underneath your address details are different options; Pay the arrears amount in full, change amount and change method of payment. To pay money towards your rental arrears, but not the full amount, click change amount.

5. A text box will be displayed which allows free text to type in an amount that you wish to pay. Note: the amount including any bank or card charges will be highlighted in navy underneath the text box, ensure you can afford the amount PLUS these charges to avoid a dishonour.

6. After you have confirmed the amount, click Pay _____ Now.

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