Sometimes you may need to add a credit to a tenants ledger, that may be because the landlord has agreed to a reduction while maintenance is being done, or a once off bonus because the tenant has always been up to date with their rent.

What ever the reason, here are the instructions to help you achieve this so the next time Our Property Payments processes the rent, the desired amount with the credit in place is processed correctly.

1. In the Client Hub, locate the property for the rent you wish to edit. You will notice the words Rent Adjustment and an Information Icon, circled here. Click this.

2. The Rent Adjustment Pop Up window will appear, you want to focus on TEMPORARY VARIATION. Click the Plus symbol circled below.

3. Fill in the details;

  • Reason - Drop down Menu, if none of these match choose "Other".

  • Description - A quick description of why a rent variation took place.

  • New Rent $/w - The normal Rental amount MINUS the credit (ie if you are giving the tenant $100 credit and the rent is $285, put in $185)

  • Start Date - The date AFTER the rent is paid up to.

  • End Date.

4. Click Save.

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