As of November 2020 we have updated the Overdue jobs menu to display overdue Landlord Responsibility assigned jobs, and overdue Landlord Tradie assigned jobs. This means these jobs have not been marked as completed in the OurLandlord app or online portal.

The number of jobs in each tab will be displayed by a red number, to reduce the number you will need to notify your landlord to mark the job as complete, or mark this as complete yourself. To do either of these actions use the icons on the right hand side of the screen;

The blue exclamation mark means Notify and allows you to prompt your landlord to complete this job themselves. The Green paper and tick icon means Mark as Complete and will open the following pop up;

Marking as complete will not trigger communications to your landlord. Once you have marked this as complete it will not be visible in the Overdue jobs column.

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