Welcome to OurTradie - your online tool for managing jobs, invoices, work orders, communications, and hopefully winning new work!

OurTradie is a platform where property managers can send you jobs and you can manage them from quote through to invoice.

Here are some tips to know up front:

All jobs MUST go through OurTradie

  • All jobs that are sent through OurTradie must be invoiced through OurTradie. This is because of accounting and legal reasons for the agency.

Job Fees

  • Each agency using OurTradie will have a different job fee - this should be highlighted at the top of each job and outlined at the start by the agency.

Need Help

  • If you have problems using OurTradie please search for how-to articles HERE first.

  • Then reach out to the property manager who sent you the job.

  • And if you still can't work it out, you can contact our tech team here.

Ok, let's get started!

1. The Welcome Email

The agency who referred you (or signed you up to OurTradie) will send you a welcome email with your login details if you are new.

If you already have an account with OurTradie (maybe a previous agency had saved your details into the system) you'll receive a welcome email confirming that you already have an account.

Can't find the email? Try searching your spam and junk folders for 'OurTradie' or 'OurProperty'.

Still can't find your email? Or want it resent? Contact the property manager who referred you and they will resend it to you.

2. Logging In

After you've received your welcome email you will need to sign in.

Here's an article explaining how to log in for tradies

3. The Dashboard

Once logged in, you will see the Dashboard (or Home Page). It contains an overview of your invoices, quotes, and current work statuses.

Here's an overview of the OurTradie Dashboard

4. Setting Up your Company and Profile Details

Next, you will need to setup both your company details, and profile settings.

Here's how to set up Company Details in OurTradie

Here's how to set up Profile Details in OurTradie

5. Setting up Payment Details

To be able to submit invoices you MUST have your payment account and card details entered correctly. There are two payment details you need to supply: an account to have your invoices paid into, and a card to debit your fees from.

How to enter an account for invoice payments

How to enter a card for fee payments

6. Understanding Requests

There are two types of requests a property manager or agency will send you:

A quote request - asking you to send a quote for a job first.

A job offer - a go-ahead to start a job without a quote.

7. Quote Requests

When you receive a quote request you will need to either use the supplied videos/photos from the tenant (if they took any) to write up a quote, or schedule an on-site quote with the tenant and/or property manager.

This article shows you how to view and accept quote requests

And this one shows you how to process and submit a quote

8. Job Offers

You'll receive a job offer if the job doesn't require a quote, or if the property manager has accepted your quote already.

Here's an overview of Job Offers in OurTradie

And here's how to process a Job Offer

9. Invoices

Once a job is complete you will need to submit your invoice via OurTradie.

Here's how to create an invoice in OurTradie

10. Finishing Up

There are many other features in OurTradie, such as integrating with other accounting softwares, creating quotes with selectable options and extras, printing job sheets, and even adding team members!

The How-to Articles located HERE are full of helpful instructions and troubleshooting guides to help you understand the OurTradie platform better. Just search an article or have a flick through - you never know what you will learn next.

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