1. To add a new tradie simply go to the Home Bar then click Admin and then Tradies. This will take you to the main Tradie Admin page.

2. First, search to make sure your tradie isn't already in your database. You can search for them either by mobile number, email address, or name.

3. If they don't exist, adding them is super easy. You can either add them directly into your trust, OR add them directly into OurProperty by clicking the Add Tradie button in the top corner of the page.

3. A new page will appear where you will need to add your tradie's information, including their name, contact details, business name and more.

You don't have to fill in all the information - just the fields with the red stars. The tradie can fill out the rest of their information when they setup their account.

4. Click the Create Account button when you're done and it should show up in the tradie list on the previous screen.

5. Once you've added all your new tradies you need to send them a welcome email.

6. Select all the tradies you want to send the welcome email to.

7. Hover over the Send Intro Email button and select the Send To Selected option.

You can come back at any time and resend a tradie's welcome email by searching for them at the top of the page, and following the same steps.

Note: The new OurProperty Tradie account will sync with Trust when the Tradie submits their first invoice.

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