In this article we will explain what workflows create text in the following areas:

· Recommended Maintenance

· Work to be carried out by Tenant

· Work to be carried out by Landlord

Maintenance items should be entered during the physical inspection if you want them to display in the correct areas of the finalised inspection report, as this cannot be edited or added from your desktop.

A small summary of what you have identified will display on page 1 of the routine inspection report, however, the items you note will also generate requests on your maintenance dashboard for you to action if required.

1. When doing an inspection in your PM Inspect App, either in each room or when finishing your report, click the Maintenance Icon, with the screwdriver and spanner symbol.

2. Once selected, this icon will open the New Maintenance screen.

Note: You will not be able to submit the maintenance task unless a photo is taken of the appropriate item in the home!

3. Click the Camera Icon at the top of the screen to open your camera.

4. Once you have taken a photo, click the X to return to the maintenance information and continue to fill the rest of the information in.

5. By default, Offer will be selected. Unless you want to assign this straight to a tradie, you do not need to change this selection.

Remember: If you want these items to appear in the correct areas of your report, It must be filled in during the inspection. You cannot fill this information in later!

Filling in the rest of the information fields

Location: Starting with Location, click the heading and select a room from the menu (these are directly from the rooms added in the report).

Once you have selected your desired room, the options in the subsequent headings will adjust according to that room.

Area: Once your Area is selected, the available selections under Problem will filter again. If none of the options suit, simply select Other.

Heading: As you fill the fields out, the app will pre-fill the Heading for you.

Note: The heading is the only text that will show on the front page of the routine inspection report. The description will only display in the work order if you create a job from this request.

Trade / Tradies: When using this as a reporting method for your routines, do not select a trade or tradie.

Urgent: Only mark a job as urgent if it is applicable.

Photo Required: This is used for the tradie if a work order is created. Leave it unticked if you aren’t sending it to a tradie.

Wear and Tear / Tenant Damage / Bond Job: If this is not an issue done by the tenant or the tenants responsibility, ensure Wear and Tear is selected. Selecting Wear and Tear will display the task under "Work to be carried out by the landlord" in your report.

Submit: Click this button to submit the maintenance task. You don’t need to click the Refer to Landlord button because these maintenance tasks will be shown on your routine report anyway.

1. Create a new maintenance task as outlined above, following the same instructions until the final section of the maintenance report.

2. If this is an issue done by the tenant or will be the tenants’ responsibility, ensure Tenant Damage is selected at the bottom of the task. Selecting Tenant Damage will display the task under “Recommended Maintenance” in the report.

3. Click the Submit button and a success message will appear on your screen.

Note: This will not notify the tenant you have made this comment and therefore will not appear under work for tenant to complete on the report. This is because we do not want to encourage tenants to source unapproved tradespeople or attempt to do the work themselves.

How to add items to the “Work to be carried out by the Tenant” section of the Inspection Report (ie. the cleaning list)

As you do your inspection, you may find cleaning items that you want the tenant to attend to. To create a cleaning list, select the camera icon to open your camera in the PM Inspect app in the relevant room.

1. Click the spray bottle icon located in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Note: This will take the photo, then prompt you to write a comment which will be displayed to the tenant for their action.

2. Click save in the top right of your screen.

3. Photos marked for the Cleaning List will show a red spray bottle icon.

Note: You can do this for as many rooms as you wish, and for as many photos as needed.

When you have finished the inspection, if you want to check that the items you have added are displaying on the first page of the report - select either Complete Only or Draft to automatically make this inspection available back at your work station.

Once you are back at the office and wish to preview your report you will find all the items you listed in the relevant areas.

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