These tabs show you a list of all quotes that are either waiting for sub-contractors to action, awaiting approval, have been approved, have been sent, or were unsuccessful.

Awaiting Subbies: If a job is awaiting subcontractors it will be in the ‘Awaiting Subbies’ tab with ‘Awaiting Subbies’ in the status column.

Awaiting Approval: Jobs that are in the ‘Awaiting Approval’ tab or status, are awaiting approval from either the property manager or landlord. The property manager has 30 days to accept a quote before it expires.

Once the quote has been approved or declined it will automatically move to the ‘Approved’ or ‘Unsuccessful’ tab and will show the new status in the status column.

Approve: This tab shows all quotes that have been approved.

Sent: Shows all the quotes that you have sent.

Unsuccessful: Shows any quotes that have been rejected by the property manager or landlord.

1. Access the category of quotes you want to view via the Dropdown list under Quotes or by selecting the tabs at the top of the Quote Page.

2. Search for quotes, or filter them using the search bar at the top. Search quotes by:

- Job Number

- Keyword

- Customer name

- Quote Due Dates, or

- Job Due Dates

3. Click the job title to open the job page.

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