If your property manager is conducting a remote inspection at your property, follow these steps to successfully connect to and complete the inspection.

How To Do a Remote Inspection.

1. When your property manager is ready to begin the inspection, they'll send you an SMS with a link to access the online inspection, please make sure you are using a smart phone for this.

2. Click the link and you will be redirected to your internet browser where you will be asked to confirm you’re ready to connect. Click the 'Connect' button.

3. Click 'Allow' to allow access to your phone's camera and mic for the duration of the inspection. If you don't click 'Allow' you won't be able to complete the inspection and your property manager won't be able to view your camera or hear you talk.

4. Once you’re connected, your phone screen will open your camera in the background and show your address and inspection information like the screen below.

5. When your property manager connects, a popup will advise you that they’re about to enter the inspection.

6. Once joined, you’ll be able to see their face at the bottom of the screen and they will be able to talk to you during the inspection process.

7. Once connected you’ll notice 5 icons at the bottom of your screen;

A. Spilt screen: show both yours and your property manager's screen

B. Mute your microphone

C. Turn off your video

D. Swap the camera view from the front to the back camera And vice versa

E. Hang up the call and end the inspection

Tips for during the inspection:

  • Your property manager will guide you where to go and what they want to see during the inspection, ensure your camera is focused and no thumbs or fingers are obscuring the cameras vision, like the phone screens above.

  • If there is a mark either on the wall or elsewhere at the property, try and use your finger or something to show the size of the mark. This will help your property manager understand if it is general wear and tear or needs maintenance done.

  • Once your property manager is happy with the images they’ve seen, they will advise you the inspection is now concluded and you can use the red phone icon to end the connection.

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