To view your rent details after setting up your payment method, simply open the tenant app or portal and go to the Rent section.

Clicking the Rent button will bring you to the Rent page, which will have your rent information at the top, and other buttons below. Your paid-to date is also displayed here.

Note: Your rent will be due on the same day that’s stated in your lease agreement. If you want to view your Lease Agreement, you can do this from the home screen. You can learn how to view your lease here

The ‘Pay Now’ buttons will only appear the day before your next rental payment is due. This will allow you to make an instant payment with a different card or account (handy if you don't have enough funds in your regular account). You can learn more about making instant payments here.

The Ledger button will take you to your rental ledger. You can read more about how to understand your rent ledger here.

After your first payment is made, you will have the option of adjusting your rent payment day and rent frequency in the tenant app. You can learn how to change your rent frequency and payment day here.  

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