Once you have made your first rental payment through the OurTenant app, you will be able to change your rent frequency and payment day.

Rent Frequency

Your rent frequency will initially defer to what’s stated in your lease agreement (this will either be weekly, fortnightly, monthly). 

After you’ve made your first rent or invoice payment with the system, you can change the frequency of your rent from a shorter period to a longer period, but please note you can't change the frequency from a longer period to a shorter period. You will need to speak to your property manager for this request.

To extend your rent frequency, go to the Rent page in the tenant app or portal, and click Change Frequency under your rent details.

Select your preferred frequency from the dropdown and click the Change Frequency button to confirm.

Change your Payment Day

Your Payment Day is the day of the week your rent will either come out of your account, be debited from your card, or be due at the Post Office.

You can change this day to a day in the future, but it must be between your last payment day, and your next scheduled payment day.

So if you are currently on weekly rent payments, you will only be allowed to choose a payment day sometime between now and your next due date.

To choose a day further than this, you will first need to change your Rent Frequency (as outlined above).

To change your payment day: 

1. Go to the Rent page in the tenant app or portal

2. Click Change Due Date under your rent details.

The Change Due Date screen advises of the next due date and amount of your rent.

NOTE: Changing your payment day (or due date) may affect the amount of rent charged for your next payment.  

3. Click the date section and select a new date from the calendar.

4. Click the new date and click Ok.

5. Once the new date is selected the tenant app/portal will advise you of the new amount due for the next selected due date.

6. Click the Change Due Date button to update the new date.

Failed Message

Did you receive a ‘Sorry! Failed’ message when changing the due date?

This will occur if you have an expired lease. Your property manager will provide you with a new lease, which you will need to electronically sign in the tenant app/portal and submit it in order to change your payment day (or due date).

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