Q. If a tenant is on a periodic tenancy, do they appear every year in the recommendation list under leases for review of rent?

A.  If there is no review date entered in the lease section, then yes, they will appear every year automatically. If you enter a review date, it will appear on that date instead. 

Q. I am unable to send a future lease from the 'Pending Landlord Instructions' to the tenant.

A. If you're making changes to a lease in 'Pending Landlord Instructions' make sure you are editing the 'Future' side. If a red pop-up appears saying 'Don't have permission to access this resource' it means there is someone other than yourself assigned to the 'Lease Manager' role in your admin settings. You will need to be added to the 'Leasing LL Manager' and 'Leasing TNT Manager' roles, or whoever is assigned to these roles will have to send the lease. Learn how to assign roles here.


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