Reminder > To Access the Client Hub

  1. Go to Home > Client Hub

  2. Search by Name, Phone number, Email or Property Address in the search bar

  3. Type the details you want to search, after 3 characters or more suggestions will start to appear which you can click

  4. Select your client or property

  5. All three columns will change to display the relevant info once you have made a selection

I am unsure where to look when it comes to payments information - should i check the Landlord, Property or Tenant Column first?

A. Obviously, the client hub is the best way to see all your data at once instead of flicking between tabs. The property (middle) column is the most useful when searching for payments or financial information. If you scroll down in the property column you will be able to find information such as when the tenant last paid rent, when they will next pay rent, what amount that will be and much more. The property column will also display whether they are on a standard or monthly withhold, and will show any funds held currently.

What if I need to make a rent reduction, variation or the landlord and tenant have a deferred rent agreement in place?
A. You can set this up using the Rent Adjustment Process. This will then be in effect automatically as of their next rent due date after the start date you put in place. Next to the word Rent Adjustment select the Information icon. A pop up will display the option to enter a temporary rent variation (a reduction of the rent for a certain time without accumulating arrears) or a rent deferral (a rent reduction with the expectation the reduced rent is to be paid back).

If a tenant is paying via Direct Debit, how can I see if they have signed their Direct Debit Authority (EDDR form)?
A. You can view their EDDR Form for Direct Debit consent in the Tenant Client Card section of Client Hub. On the right hand side of the column under their payment method will be the phrase EDDR signed or EDDR unsigned. If the EDDR form is signed, click the sentence to open the PDF document for you to peruse.

One of my tenants has printed out their EDDR form and wants to upload it manually, how do I do this?

A. In the tenant card under payment method (Direct Debit), the EDDR section will say EDDR unsigned as well as upload EDDR. Use this button to upload a scanned PDF into the system.

I want to know more information about the recent payments a tenant has been making, how can I see more?

A. In the property column underneath the bedroom/ bathroom information and key number of the property, is the amount last paid and paid to date of the tenant. Next to this information will be a magnifying glass icon, click this to view the date and time the rent was paid, the method in which it was paid, the amount plus any fees and charges, the trigger (user or system scheduled) as well as the status. This is useful if a payment bounces back, the status will give you more info on what has happened such as "refer to customer" which indicates an incorrect bank account name or number.

Where can i see what invoices are held against a landlords account until funds are collected?

A. In the property card section of client hub, scroll down until you see a heading on the left hand side of the card which says Funds Held and Withhold. Next to this will be in Information icon, click this. A pop up window will display and if there are pending invoices in the system these will display.

I need the system to withhold funds from a landlord without an invoice, how do i create a manual withhold?

A. If you wish to add an extra amount in the withheld section, go to the area labelled Manual Withhold and click the + icon. From there, the following text boxs will display for you to type into; Description (Something to identify these funds by) Amount and Expiry (when do these funds get auto sent to the landlord if they are not allocated elsewhere, select a date here.)

Where can I see or edit how much a landlord is paying in agency fees?

A. In the property column, scroll to the bottom and a there is a green heading named Property Fees & Landlord Disbursement, click this. A pop up window will appear, scroll to the Property Fees. To Add click the red Add button at the bottom of the fee table.

I have a landlord that wants their statements posted, where do I make this change?

A. In the landlord column, before you scroll through the information click the edit icon in the right hand corner of the landlord tab. The heading Postal Statements will display with a tick box next to it on the right hand side of the column, Simply select or de select as required.

How do I change a tenants rent payment frequency?

A. In the property column, on the left hand side towards the bottom of the card there is a section labelled "tenant" which details the tenants account name and other financial information. Click the Edit Icon next to Account Name.

A pop up window will appear. In the pop up window Named "Rent Details" find the setting labelled Rent Period, Click the drop down arrow to select from the options ranging from Weekly to Monthly if applicable. Save your changes and close the window.

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