A direct debit didn’t come out when it was supposed to 

Confirm with the tenant that their entered bank account details are correct, including their BSB and account number, and make sure their direct debit authority form is signed and submitted. Refer to Direct Debit Request Service Agreement Terms and Conditions on where to find the tenant’s Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR).

Tenant’s can confirm their details in their OurTenant app or in the web portal tenant.ourtradie.com.au in the ‘rent’ screen. Any rent reversal transaction is recorded on the tenant’s ledger. The tenant ledger contains live information and will show if the OurProperty Payment Platform has attempted a debit.

Otherwise, make sure the tenant hasn’t set their payment method to post office. If you cannot determine the reason after looking at these sources, you or the tenant can contact the OurProperty support line via the blue chat bubble.

Can I put a hold on a tenants direct debit payment?

No, you cannot put a hold on tenant direct debits. The tenant can change their payment method to card before the payment due date or make a payment with their card the day that they fall into arrears. Otherwise, the OurProperty Payment Platform will attempt another direct debit a few days are the first attempt including the dishonour fee.

Tenants can also change their rent frequency from weekly to fortnightly or monthly. This may help if they can’t make an upcoming payment.

How can a tenant change their rental payment frequency?
Tenants can change their rent frequency in the OurTenant app.

  1.  Select the Rent section in the OurTenant app

  2.  Select ‘Change Frequency’

  3.  Select the frequency in the dropdown and tap the Change Frequency button to confirm.

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