How do tenants set up Direct Debit EDDR?

When choosing direct debit, tenants are required to sign an Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR) after they enter their account details. This is a consent form that allows us to debit their account. 

Tenants need to sign their EDDR and hit ‘save’ in order for their payment details to be saved. If their EDDR is not signed and saved, direct debit payments will not be processed. This may result in the tenant entering arrears.

Once a tenant has set up their payment method, you will be able to see it in the Client Hub on their Tenant Card.

Direct Debit Request Service Agreement terms and conditions

You will be given a copy of the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement terms and conditions during your onboarding process. 

Tenants’ signed Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR) can be viewed at any time in the Client Hub by clicking EDDR Signed in the tenant card. A pop-up will then appear showing the EDDR.

Tenants may provide additional account authorisations, which can be selected with the dropdown menu at the top of the EDDR.

The EDDR can also be printed if needed with the printer icon.

If the EDDR has not been signed ‘EDDR UnSigned’ will display under the tenant’s chosen payment method

Note: Although a payment method may have been chosen, no Direct Debits will be processed by the OurProperty Payment Platform until the EDDR is signed.

Tenants will also be given the chance to read the terms and conditions when setting up their payment details and at any time in their portal

Can the Property Manager set up direct debit on behalf of the tenant?

No - Direct Debit cannot be setup on behalf of the tenant as the Electronic Direct Debit Request (EDDR) must be agreed to and signed by the tenant.

However, you can help the tenant set up their Direct Debit by logging into their tenant portal for them or by helping them setup and log into the OurTenant app in person or over the phone.

Follow the setup instructions in the Tenant Payment Setup article here.

Accepted Accounts for Direct Debit 

We can only pull funds from everyday or complete access accounts. The following account types cannot be linked to a direct debit:

  • Online Saver

  • Offset Account

  • Redraw from Loan Account

Manual Tenant Payment cut-off time

Manual direct debit payments by tenants in arrears must be made before 3:30pm (AEDT) on business days. In Queensland during daylight savings, this will be 2:30pm. 

If a payment is made after the cut-off time, or on a weekend, it will show as ‘pending transaction’ on the tenant’s statement until the next business day. 

Automatic Tenant Payment cut-off time

Direct debits are automatically generated on the morning of the payment due day and are not processed by the bank until the next business evening.

Banks may process the payment at any time (eg. 6:00pm or 11:00pm) depending on their preference. When a direct debit is made it will show as ‘coming out’ of the account – but this may be held for up to 3 days before the funds are cleared.

If it is a national holiday, the transaction will process the next business day (if it is a local holiday, the transaction will process as per normal).

Dishonoured payments

If funds are not available when a direct debit is attempted, the payment will be dishonoured, and the tenant will be charged a dishonour fee which is added to the next payment attempt.


If a refund is actioned before the payment cut-off time, the funds will clear back into the originating account on the same day.

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