In the client hub in the property card you can enter a manual withhold, this will stop funds being sent to the owner as per our Standard process and allows for this without a pending invoice (the system will automatically create withholds for invoices and quotes that have been approved).

In the property card will be a section that shows the current Funds Held and the amount the system is aiming to Withhold. Next to the Funds Held amount is an information icon, as pictured below.

Click the Information Icon to display the Withhold pop up screen pictured below.

You will see three different types of withhold amounts;

System Withhold - the amount of funds to be held for approved quotes and approved invoices automatically created by the platform and cannot be directly edited.

Future Invoices - invoices the system has calculated will be due but not necessarily needing to be held from current rental funds. ie, rates due in 3 months time.

Manual Withhold - a user created manual hold on an amount of funds with a set expiry date for automatic release of funds.

Click the Blue Plus Icon to add an additional withhold amount.

Once the plus icon is clicked fill in the text fields supplied, this includes a description of the funds being held, an amount and an expiry date for these funds. Once this date passes, and no other action is taken, the funds will be sent to the landlord as per our standard process.

Once you click Save, the Withhold amount in client hub will reflect the new total including your manual withhold amount.

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