Once you have accessed the report from the link in the email notification you will have received, click Next to begin reviewing all pages of the report.

Article: How to Access Entry/Ingoing report on PC/MAC

Adding Comments

1. To add a comment to a Room or Room Feature, click on the Add Comment button under Tenant Comments.

2. Type your comment in the text box and click Save to add.

You can also edit the comment using the Pen icon or remove using the Bin icon.

3. Click Add Comment again to add a separate comment if needed.

4. Continue through the report and add your comments where required.

Adding Photos

1. Click the Add Photo(s) button to open the file selector.

You can click Choose Photo(s) to select using your PC's file browser or you can click and drag photos to the Upload Photo(s) section to add. 

2. Added photos are highlighted yellow and are added to the end of the property manager's photos.

3. Similarly to the comments there is a Pen icon and Bin icon.

Click the Pen icon to add comments specific to the photo. Click Save to add.

Click the Bin icon to remove the photo. Click Delete the confirm.

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