You can easily create payment plans for rental arrears in OurProperty- See this article for more details on Creating Rental Arrears Payment Plans.

Go to Arrears > Reports > Payment Plan

The payment plan table displays all payment plans created via the arrears tasks.

Details provided are the full Property Address, all Tenants' names...

as well as the payment plan Start Date, the Amount set as the extra payment to be made in addition to the tenant's regular rental payment, the Frequency for when the additional amount is to be paid and the current Arrears Amount for that property.

To cancel the payment plan, click the Grey X button to Clear the payment plan.

Once cleared (cancelled), the arrears messages and tasks for the property will be generated as normal at the next banking update.

If you need to create a new payment plan, please follow the instructions in the Creating Rental Arrears Payment Plans article.

Hint: Click the Printer icon to generate a printable version of the payment plan view.

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