The Stale Properties Report is a collation of data from and for all properties advertised for 21 days or longer.

All publicly available information is scraped and collated by our bots in to 1 easy to use report.

What's in the report

The report displays the full property address, the listing agent, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, the current rent, the rent when first listed, the listed date, number of days listed, the property type and if there are any inspections advertised.

Clicking on the property address will open the listing in either or

Only properties in the postcodes you select are shown.

How to select postcodes for the report

 1. Go to Settings > Company > Core Postcodes (only available to the Office Manager account).
Postcodes selected in this setting will populate the Stale Properties Report.

If any area is missing, you will need to confirm that area's postcode is selected in this setting.

2. Click the Dropdown menu to search for the require postcodes and click on each to add to the list.
Tip - you can type in the postcode when the dropdown is opened and it will 'jump' to the typed postcode.

To remove a selected postcode, click the X to the right of each line.

3. Click Save to update any changes.

Select Core Area for Property Managers

You can also select a specific core area for only for Property Manager users - Office Managers and Office Admin users do not have this feature.

The Core Postcodes set in your agency settings will govern the data that is scraped by our bots. Without selecting a core area for each user, they will see all areas in the report (this may not be suitable for large agencies).

Note: Office Manager account cannot set a Core area but see all areas as set in the Core Postcode setting.

Users can set their own core area in their Profile Settings.
Mouse-over the person icon (or profile picture) at the top right corner and select Profile from the dropdown menu.

Find the setting Core Postcodes and use the dropdown menu to select the required postcodes.
Tip- you can type the postcode in the dropdown menu to quickly search and then just click to select.

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