We understand that landlords may have multiple ownership names for their properties but wish to use the 1 login for ease of access.

OurProperty provides an easy way to link multiple landlord accounts together providing greater transparency and ease of use for your landlords allowing them to access all details, for all properties, with just 1 account login for their Landlord Portal.

This can be done for any combination of landlord accounts to suit any requirements.

Please Note: If the primary landlord account needs all OurProperty notifications to be sent to the 1 email address you will need to ensure the main email is added to the CC Email field for each linked landlord's profile.

You can do this in Admin > Landlords and the Landlord can do this in their profile settings for each account.


Search for the landlord account that will be the primary account login.
This is done in the Admin > Landlords section, accessed from the left side menu.

Click the Search button and search by email or the landlord’s name.

Please Note: Linking accounts provides full access to all properties of the linked accounts to the primary account holder.

So be sure you have permission from all landlords and ownership entities before linking any accounts.


Once the primary landlord account has been located, click the Shared Users button located in the right side column.

This will open a pop up window where you can search for and link other landlord accounts.


In the popup box, you can search for any landlord account my name or email address.

This will automatically search for the term entered and provide matching results in a dropdown menu.

Click the required result to add that account to the linking process.

You will see your selection in the table below the search field.
If your selection is not the correct landlord account, click the Cross / X icon to the right to remove.


Repeat Step 3 to search for and select other landlord accounts to link as required.


Click Save to link all selected accounts to the primary account selected in Step 1 & 2.

The primary landlord account can now access all properties from the other linked landlord accounts from the Landlord Portal.

The landlord selects the account to display by selecting from the dropdown menu at the top right corner of the landlord portal. (Screenshot below from the Landlord portal)

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