1. Once logged in to tradie.ourtradie.com.au on your mobile device you will need to open the job details page in order to create your invoice.

The job will either be in the Offers or Active tab. If you scheduled the job in the OurTradie platform it will be in the Active tab.

2. Tap on the job's title to open the details page

3. Scroll to find the 'Work Items' section and tap to expand.

4. Type in your invoice number and job number (if you have one).
If you have integrated with MYOB or Xero you will see an Import button as well. Click to import from MYOB or Xero.

Next, tap '+ Add a new work item' to create the work item/line item of your invoice.

5. Select from Materials to invoice for specific materials separately, Labour to invoice for your itemised time, or Other to invoice for materials and labour together.

Type in all required details and tap Save to add the work item to the invoice.




6. Tap '+ Add a new work item' to invoice for another item if needed.

Please Note: the details in the Invoice Description and Work Item section is what is used to create the invoice that the Property Manager and the Landlord sees so it is important to be as thorough as you can in this section.

7. Once you are happy with all details, tap Submit Invoice to create and submit the invoice to the Property Manager for payment.

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