OurProperty provides you with a comprehensive Smoke Alarm Compliance report with a breakdown of all properties for each status.

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The Report

To access the Compliance report, Mouse over the house icon at the top left corner and click on Compliance from the menu. This will default to the Smoke alarm Tab.

The top left of the report displays your agency’s non-compliance percentage.

Properties, displays the number of properties that are compliant, that are not- compliant with no recorded inspection date or compliance certificate, and the number of properties that have been inspected however there is no recorded compliance certificate available.

The section to the right includes a breakdown detailing which properties are not-compliant and why.

Simply click on each of the links to open a property list displayed at the bottom half of the page so you know exactly which properties you need to action.

None Found - displays all properties with no transactions or contract for a provider and no inspections recorded.

None Current -  displays all properties with an old transaction or expired contract for a provider and no inspections recorded.

Missing Action - displays all properties that have been invoiced in the last year for a service or contract but there is no inspection recorded.

Old Actions -  displays all properties that have been invoiced in the last year for a service or contract but the last inspection record is older than a year.

Contract Issue - displays all properties with a current inspection or action recorded but has not been invoiced for the service or contract.

Missing Cert - displays all properties where a service has been completed but a compliance certificate has not been submitted and saved from the service provider.

Mistimed - displays all properties where the inspection has been completed in the last year but was not completed within 30 days before the least start date.

Owner - displays all properties marked as owner serviced in your trust program.

The property list displays….

The Property address

The Property Manager assigned to the Property

The Service plan if available

The status of the current job

When the Contract expires

The date of the last action or inspection

Cert or certificate displays Yes or Not to indicate a compliance certificate has been uploaded.

When the next action or inspection is due.

Incomplete Action shows if there has been an Action created in trust that has not yet been completed in the Trust program

Also displayed is The lease Start and End dates

The Company responsible for the Smoke Alarm service.

When the last invoice was submitted by the tradie for payment

And the Last Invoiced amount.

If there are no details available for any section, they will appear blank.

This report will help you to ensure all properties are serviced and have a current inspection for 100% compliance.

Watch our other videos in this series to learn more about OurProperty’s Compliance module.

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