OurProperty's Leases module gives you the ability to create and send New Leases directly through the system - no more printing!

This is a workflow of the ideal New Lease process.

1. Open Lease Module

Log in to OurProperty and open the Leases module.

2. Click +/- LEASE

In the All Leases tab click on the +/- LEASE Button. This is where you will start to create the new lease.

3. Select The Property

Type part of the property address is the search field and select the correct property from the search results.

Note- ensure the property is created in your Trust program the day before you need to create the lease - the property data will sync over and be created overnight.

4. Update Lease Details

Ensure all lease details are correct for the new lease.

On the Left you will see details for either the Current or Previous lease. This is a reference guide to ensure you do not miss any important details for the new lease.

The Right side column is the Future or New Lease details. Fill in all details as needed and ensure correct.

As this is a new lease, the recommendation will no be sent to the Landlord and this can be ignored.

5. Creating New Tenants

Note - Do not create the tenant in your Trust program first. The tenant created in OurProperty will automatically create the tenant in your trust.

Click on the Create Tenants button to open a popup window where you will create the tenant.

Complete all details as required for the tenant. You can include many more details in OurProperty than you can in your Trust program.

Once all required details are completed, click on the Create Tenant button at the top of the page. 

The tenant will be created in Trust the same day.

Repeat this step for all tenants.

You can input details for:

Contact Details
Personal Details
Bank Details
Business Details
File As
Property Details (if the tenant lives or is located at a different address - generally for businesses)
Income Details
Plan Details (If your agency has plans created)
Extra Details (License number, Password number, license plate)
Previous Property (Last rental address)
Bank Statement (Details from the tenants previous bank statement is available)

6. Attaching Existing Tenants

You can also attach existing tenants to new leases.

Click the Select Existing Tenant button and search for the tenant to attach. Select the correct tenant from the search results to attach.

7. Add Pets If Needed

Click the Green Plus button and input the required details.

Click Add to add the pet to the lease.

8. Add Further Details If Needed.

9. Emergency Tradies & Lease Conditions

Ensure the Emergency tradies details are correct and the lease conditions are correct and current.

Click Change Emergency Tradie to edit the tradie details

Click Lease Conditions to make any changes or additions to the lease conditions.

10. Send To The Tenants

Once you are happy with all of the lease details, you can send to the tenant via email or print the lease. These options are found at the top of the page.

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