The steps below will teach you how to create a special lease condition for your lease recommendations to help you better customise leases for each property if required.

Special Conditions are unique to the property address and are not available for any other property.
Should you require your Special Condition to be available for all property leases, this must be added to the agency lease settings using your Office Manager account.

1. In the Lease Recommendation, click on the Lease Conditions button in the Conditions section.

2. Click the Category dropdown menu and select Special Conditions from the menu.

3. Now you can create and add the special lease condition.

Create a Title for the Lease Condition in Condition. This will be used to select and identify the special condition when processing the lease.

Create the detailed condition in the Descriptions section

Click on Add to add the newly created Lease Condition

4. Ensure the new condition is added to the Lease Conditions and click Close.

Continue processing the lease.

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