Below are instructions on how to reset the arrears action for for a tenant if needed.

1. Open any arrears action for any of the tenants. This can be in the To Do or Sent tab.

Click the action title, the action icon, the notes icon or the printer icon to open the arrears task popup window.

2. In the arrears popup window, scroll to find the Reset Arrears dropdown menu.

3. Select which action you would like to process.

4. To process the Reset Arrears action, you must add a note to process the action.

5. Select the option from the Reset Arrears dropdown menu, add a note in the notes box and click Add to process the action.


1. Back to Days Owed

This will reset the arrears actions to start again from the current days owed.

Example: If a Notice was create to be issued today, but you and/or the landlord came to an agreement to not send the notice but wanted to start the process again, choose this option. The notice will be removed and the next arrears day the tenant will receive the first friendly arrears notification.

2. Issue NTRB or NT tomorrow

This will create a Notice to Remedy Breach (NTRB) or Notice of Termination (NT) the next arrears day.

Example: use this option if you need to send a Notice prior to the usual timeframes or to resend another Notice for any reason. If you reset the tenant's arrears to Days owed but the landlord decided to send a Notice instead, use this option.

3. Court Action

This option will stop the generation of letters and Notices and only send general arrears messages reminding the tenant that they are still in arrears.

Example: use this option if you are taking the tenant to court and do not wish to create notices through the system.

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