Allow Push Notifications
OurProperty can send you notifications directly through your Firefox web browser for New Maintenance Requests!

You will see a 'Send Notifications' request pop up in your web browser asking for you to 'Allow Notifications'.

Please click on 'Allow Notifications' to turn on this new feature.

We have plans to expand these notifications to other aspects of OurProperty for Invoice submission, Rejected jobs, Reminders and more!

These notifications will allow you to see actions as they happen in OurProperty and to help you be as proactive as possible.

Turn Back ON Push Notifications if Blocked

If you have selected to block OurProperty's push notifications, you can turn them back on within your Friefox browser's settings.

  1. Click the 'i' icon to open the permissions settings.

  2. Click the 'X' to the right of 'Blocked' to remove the block on OurProperty's notifications.

3. Reload the webpage to resend the Notification request, and; 

4. Click on 'Allow Notifications'

The updated notification setting will then be applied.

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