1. To process a job offer go to Work Orders > Offers > Outstanding Offers

  • Once you receive a job offer it will go into the ‘Outstanding Offers’ tab. 

  • Jobs you have already accepted will be in the ‘Accepted’ tab.

2. Click on the job title to open the job offer.

3. Once you click on the job title, the job details will be displayed, including: 

  • Basic information about the job at the top

  • The agency who requested the job

  • Due date for when the job must be done by

  • Whether the property is tenanted or vacant.

4. You can view the job description by clicking on the ‘Description’ section.

5. You can view any additional information by clicking on the ‘Images / Additional Info’ section. 

  • You can add a note about the job by clicking the ‘Add Note’ button.

  • You can book a meeting by clicking the ‘Book Meeting’ button.

6. To view the tenant and property manager contact details click the ‘Contact Info’ section at the bottom. Use these details to organise a date and time for the job to be done.

7. Once you’ve contacted the tenant and agreed on a date and time with them, you need to send them an entry notice. Click the 'Schedule' button at the bottom of the page to schedule the job and send the entry notice.

8. A pop-up box will appear where you can select the ‘start’ and ‘end’ date and time to complete the job.

9. Select the ‘Collect Keys’ option if you require a set of keys for the property.

10. Select the ‘Send Entry Notice’ button to send an entry notice.

11. Click the ‘Schedule’ button once you’re done. This will send entry notices to both the tenant and property manager.

Note: If you’ve selected the ‘Collect Key’ option, a reminder will be automatically sent to the property manager to organise a key for you.

12. Once scheduled, the job will move to the ‘Future’ section. Once the start date has been reached, it will move to the ‘Active Jobs’ section.

To learn how to create an invoice, click here.

How to Process a Job Offer - Video

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